• Captain Lulthar

    Captain Lulthar

    The Captain of the Guard in Ric-upon-Stilton
  • Governor Darlicupius

    Governor Darlicupius

    Mercusus Darlicupius, Imperial Governor of Ravenna
  • Jimmy the Hand

    Jimmy the Hand

    A halfling pickpocket and general scoundrel whose sole purpose in life is to grow richer than anyone else
  • Montaron Avellion

    Montaron Avellion

    A representative of the Elven Council and the party's mentor
  • Ribald Bartiman

    Ribald Bartiman

    The storekeep of the Adventurer's Mart in Ric-upon-Stilton
  • Sentar Mirn

    Sentar Mirn

    The barman of the Green Dragon Inn in Ric-upon-Stilton
  • Tahlia


    A mercenary human cleric who strives to gain followers for her goddess