Montaron Avellion

A representative of the Elven Council and the party's mentor


123 hp

AC: 18

Base Attack/Grapple: 16/20 Attack: +20 Longsword 1d8+4 Crit(19-20)X2 or +21 Longbow ,Composite 1d8+5 Crit(20-20)X2 Full attack: +18/13/8/3 Longsword 1d8+4 +18/8/13 Rapier 1d6+2 Crit(18-20)X2 +21/16/11/6 Longbow ,Composite 1d8+5(range 110)

Favored enemy – Humanoid, Outsider

Special Qualities: Immunity to Sleep, Low-light Vision , Resistance to Enchantments +2, Animal Companion, Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2,Can follow tracks at normal speed no penalty, Wild Empathy, Can move through undergrowth at normal speed

Saves: Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +13

Abilities: Str 19, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 15 + 2 = 17, Chr 13 + 2 = 15

Skills: Appraise 15, Bluff 2, Diplomacy 7, Disguise 7, Gather Information 15, Hide 22, Intimidate 2, Jump 8, Know dungeon 14, Know geography 14, Know nature 4, Know nobility 2, Listen 8, Move Silently 22, Ride 6, Search 10, Spot 8, Survival 25, Swim 0, Use Rope 4,

Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Drow

Feats: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, Animal Affinity, Armour prof heavy, Armour prof light, Armour prof medium, Dodge, Endurance, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Leadership, Martial Weap Prof, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Tower Shield Proficiency, Track, Two-Weapon Defense,

Alignment: Neutral Good CR: 10.5 Spells Known: Ranger Spells Level 1 (2) DC 14 Delay Poison(Conjuration)[Healing ] X 1 V,S,DF rng: Touch Dur: 1 hour/level SV Fortidude negates (harmless) Area: Creature touched Pass without Trace(Transmutation)[ ] X 1 V,S,DF rng: Touch Dur: 1 hour/level (D) SV Will negates (harmless) Area: One creature/level touched Level 2 (1) DC 15 Cure Light Wounds(Conjuration)[Healing ] X 1 V,S rng: Touch Dur: Instantaneous SV Will half (harmless); see text Area: Creature touched

Cloak of charisma (+2) +2 CHR (4000gp) ioun stone incandescent blue sphere +2 Wis (8000gp) Ring of Counterspells – (4000gp)


Montaron is an aged elf who still retains his vigor and adventuring spirit, though much toned down from his young days. In his time as an adventurer and agent of the Elven Council, Montaron not only fought with and against the empire, openly and covertly respectively, but was heavily involved in the war against the Drow. In his younger days, Montaron met the youthful Count Liadon, who later became a staunch comrade and close ally within the Council. As the pair grew older and began to venture away from the Isle, they developed a friendship that became closer and more intimate than most elves were accustomed to. After returning from a series of adventures, attaining massive wealth and glory, Montaron and Count Liadon returned to the Elven Isle to serve the Council’s wishes. Montaron was again sent abroad as a covert agent of the Council to use his skills as a ranger to disrupt Imperial progress and prevent the conquest of the frontier territories. After some 50 years on Terra Major, Montaron was recalled to the Elven Isle to continue the struggle against the Drow. The Council had discovered the entrance to the Underdark that Drow had long been using to infiltrate the surface world. He reestablished his ties with Liadon and the pair led a raid on the Underdark, targeting the city of Llurth Dreier, where a renegade Drow, one Ven’atar Barrahel, claimed to be from, also providing a map for the raiders. The raid was more successful than anticipated, penetrating into the city itself, with Montaron and Liadon fighting their way through to the Matron Mother’s chambers in the halls of House Oussana’rae. Following a struggle in which Liadon was wounded, the Matron Mother was slain and Montaron sounded the horn for withdrawal, escaping the city with the unconscious Liadon. Upon their return to the surface, the Council magically sealed the forests surrounding the exit to prevent the angry swarm of Drow from overrunning them. Whilst the Council plotted its next move, Montaron tended to the wounded Liadon, who was suffering from the effects of the devious Drow poison. Though Ivellios doesn’t remember it, Montaron became like a father to him, with Liadon incapacitated, and raised him for several years. After Liadon recovered, the Council again sent Montaron away to serve their interests. He was recalled later to swear duty to the Council as new members were initiated, one of them being Count Liadon. With such a close friend on the Council, the remainder were reluctant to use him as readily as once they did. With drow beginning to appear on the surface again, the Council sent Barrahel into hiding, assigning Montaron for his protection. Montaron deserted his post when Liadon was killed by drow assassins, returning to the Elven Isle to hunt for them. The Council sent him away, fearing he would be their next target and told him to await the coming of Ivellios, whom he would also have to protect. Now, aged 470 years, Montaron has finally caught up with Ivellios and has devoted all his efforts to protecting the son of his closest friend.

Montaron Avellion

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