Imperial Calendar

The Imperial Calendar first came into use after the Special Assembly called by Marius Azenthias in the year 003 IC. Several dates and festivals have been added as the Assembly decides. It operates on a lunar calendar of eight months, comprised of 40 days each. The months are named after various significant emperors.

The first month is Vicantus

Significant dates in the month of Vicantus are

Alpha Centarion which is a new year celebration on the 3rd of Vicantus

Festival of Luca which is a celebration of the birth of Lucius Vacillius on the 27th of Vicantus

The second month is Lupus

Significant dates in Lupus are

The Day of Mourning held on the 18th of Lupus to commemorate the three civil wars that have divided the Azenthian Empire since the days of Julius Scetalius

All God’s Day is a week-long celebration held in honor of every god worshipped in the Empire beginning on the 21st of Lupus

Cospelanius Day is a day when the Cult of Cospelanius celebrates, riots and causes civil unrest.

Imperial Calendar

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